Why Register!

Why Register?

There are many reasons to join the tipping department of the fastest growing harness site in New Zealand.

***Our tipping service is very comprehensive, and we measure our success with constant results at tipping longer priced winners. Our mission is to help our clients improve their odds on a regular basis .

***We have great success with our tipping due to a mixture of technology , statistics and experience which we use to analyze all harness horses and all harness races in New Zealand. We basically have access to more information than anyone else and know how to use it. Because of this we also have other key analysts and media in the industry using our services.

“Australian subscribers” make up over half our members as they have worked out they can get better odds on some of our tips in different states in Australia.

All the information we provide comes at a cost to us. We need to offset that cost by charging a subscription fee to enable us to keep the information coming. Our subscription prices are very competitive considering our proven ability to select double figure winners consistently… We currently have a 97.5 retention rate among our subscribers with many re-joining for a longer period once they realize the value of our service.

For as little as $0.56 per day for a one year’s membership, you can get full access to our expert tips, selections and betting strategies.


“I am a big fan of your selections because you have an uncanny ability to find really good longer priced dividends – that sets you aside from other tipsters many of whom can only tip the favourites.”
Terry J…..OHAU

“Did you guys travel forward in time, get today’s winners and comeback to post the tips?”
“Loving your tips, keep up the great work!”

David S…Melbourne


Results Over the past year

Some of winners we have labeled as our “Tote Buster” and horses to follow are:

Greenburn Creek $60.00. $15.20

Be Seein Ya $30.20 $5.70

Better Be Cool $23.80 $7.10

Underwood $44.20 $7.70

Beadine Gambler $38.90 $5.40

Canndew $35.70 $5.20

Clover Don $31.40 $5.00

Knapdale Girl $27.50 $4.20

Armazem $59.50 $7.10

And many, many more in the $10 -$20 range

Bigger First fours selected with our four selections include:





and many more in the $200- $1500 range..